Chris Brown Is Launching His Debut NFT Collection, “The Auracle”

Something interesting is brewing within Chris Brown’s Camp as the multi-talented music, and visual artist prepares to release his first series of NFT. This is big news for Brown’s fans. They have always expressed their interest in owning some of the musician’s NFT collections.

Chris Brown has always been a big fan of streetwear, and he is finally creating his streetwear NFT scheme in collaboration with John Dean, founder of LA-based apparel, Renowned.

Chris Brown also co-signed Web3 as he once posted an NFT he purchased on his Instagram page. His soon to be launched first-ever NFT collection will be out this month, and it is called “The Auracles”. It is based on a black superhero dubbed “The Auracle.” The characters are unique because they can time travel and have shape-shifting abilities.

Chris Brown Is Launching His Debut Nft Collection, “The Auracle” 2
“The Auracle”. Credit: Chris Brown (Twitter)
Chris Brown Is Launching His Debut Nft Collection, “The Auracle” 3
(Aura) she is the one of the @TheAuracles_ ..Excited for the project @youarernwnd 🔥🔥 NFT COLLECTION COMING SOON (Chris Brown on Twitter)

Going by words from Dean, Web3 presents the possibility of fixing some of the significant issues we have in the real world. NFTs enable creators to make more money from their work than they typically do without compromising their stories or narratives. Dean believes that by working with Chris Brown, they can create the next big superhero in the Auracle.

Chris Brown and Dean have linked up with forces of all-black 3D artists and tech developers to make the collection a success. But, that’s not all; they also source for the assistance of BlackNFTART, a body that ensures newer technologies include Black art. Dean emphasised that it was important to be able to communicate with the bigger community about the NFT project.

The Auracle NFT project will also include IRL utility. For example, some NFT buyers will get a physical product established on the NFT they acquire. May 10, 2022 is the anticipated release date of the NFT collection.

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