Chris Brown Might Lose Lux Home Over Debt To The IRS

American singer and dancer might lose his home and other assets if he fails to pay the Internal Revenue Service a tax debt of about $4 million.

A day before news of the musician’s tax troubles erupted, he had gone viral on social media after showing off a building that houses his clothes. In retrospect, it might appear like the taxman was watching him and has just acted after.

While the spectre of $4 million looms alongside the risk of losing his home if he should fail to clear the money he owes the IRS, fans on social media are optimistic that the songster could easily clear his debts because he is way richer than he owes.

Others could only point at the power of the IRS and how it is pretty strict when it comes to tax matters and even cut a pound of flesh when people default on their tax obligations.

A look at history shows that isn’t the only celebrity or musician who has faces troubled with the IRS over taxes.

In his case, it remains to be seen how he would wriggle out of things. What happens next should be interesting to watch. Stay tuned if you please.

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