Chris Brown Ruins Man’s Relationship After Giving Man’s Girlfriend A Lap Dance On Stage

The “dangers” of celebrity privileges played out recently after a bloke dumbed his girlfriend who got a lap dance from Chris Brown. Celebrities can drive fans crazy, and fans can do anything to show their adoration for their idols. We have seen ladies offer ass and even boobs for their idols to sign. What about a lap dance?

A man giving a lap dance might strike many as unusual because it is the ladies people see all over the place offering lap dances. Anyway, that was what played out during a recent Chris Brown concert. The songster had invited a lady to the stage and when she popped in there, he got all touchy with her and gave her a “lap dance” – or a semblance of it.

The clip of them doing their thing indicated the lady loved the show and enjoyed every moment of the time with Breezy on stage. She had reportedly attended the said concert with her boyfriend.

Taking to TikTok soon after, the boyfriend, who goes by the handle @Dashthelith, shared that he had broken up with the lady for her action. Many social media users praised him for not taking the “disrespect” from her. And life goes on.

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