Chris Brown Stuns Fan By Joining His TikTok Dance Video

American singer and dancer Chris Brown impressed netizens after joining the TikTok dance of a young fan. The interaction between the two impressed netizens, who also singled out Breezy for praise for making the day of the kid.

In the trending video, first, the kid could be seen alone. However, soon after she started dancing Breezy and a couple of others joined him on the floor for a dance. The synchronization was splendid and that wasn’t lost on those who watched it.

As a matter of fact, the kid was so grand in his dance moves that she could easily win an audition as one of Breezy’s dancers. But she is likely too young for that and many would rather just see him as a devoted fan of the singer/ You can check out the clip below.

Fans showing their love to their idols by re-enacting their dance moves is actually nothing novel, Nut then, the idol himself showing up to support the fan is all shades of charming ad exciting. The songster has actually made the day of his young fan – as it should be, of course.

By the way, Chris Brown recently apologised to Robert Glasper after a meltdown at the Grammys.

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