Chris Rock And Dave Chappelle Have Something Big Coming

A month after he was slapped on the face by actor Will Smith, ace comedian has got a big a noun cement for fans of his comedy series. 

The celebrated comedian announced that he’d be hosting a new comedy special at the O2 Arena in London in collaboration with Dave Chappelle, who himself had been assaulted while performing on stage. 

So, besides being associated by comedy, both are also associated by assault. Their planned joint comedy special will take place on September 3.

Months ago, Will Smith had stormed the stage during the Oscars and smacked Chris in the face after the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada’s shaved head, seemingly unaware she was suffering from alopecia. 

Will had since apologised, but the Academy banned him from attending its events, both virtually and in person, for ten years. 

For his part, was attacked during his comedian special Is A Joke in May. A man had stormed the stage and “tackled” Dave before security and the cops intervened. 

It will be interesting to see the two comedians perform together at the iconic arena. How the public Reacts to the performance is a different ball game. 

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