Chris Rock’s Younger Brother To Fight New Opponent After Will Smith Declines Match

The comedian Chris Rock’s younger brother Kenny challenged to a fight, but the celebrated actor declined. Now Kenny has another opponent and can’t wait to hit the ring. 

He’d earlier challenged Will as a form of revenge for slapping his brother during the Academy Awards (the Oscars) this year. 

caused a stir during the award when he stormed the stage and slapped for making a G.I. Jane joke about his wife Jada Pinkett’s alopecia. 

Although he apologised for his actions much later, the Academy still penalised him by banning him for a decade from the awards. Will is said not to have personally apologised to Chris Rock, and Chris would not talk about the slap until he’s compensated — something Will is unlikely to do, especially following his decade-long ban. 

With compensation not coming, Kenny wanted to get even by bearing up the King Richard actor. But that’s not happening. 

At any rate, Kenny will now be sparring with “Real World” star Josh Colon, who’s promised to rep Philly and well in the fight at the South Florida Rumble in June. 

It’ll be interesting to see who’ll emerge victorious on that day. Stay tuned. 

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