Christmas Alone For Nadia Nakai, Still Grieving AKA

It was to have been a Christmas of merrymaking as usual, with a lot of fun and games and happy moments, but death intruded brutally, snatching AKA from rapper Nadia Nakai. So the Christmas that came days ago didn’t have much meaning for her.

By her own account, she was still grieving him that period and wanted to be left alone. She communicated the same to her family as well as AKA’s family. Her wish was respected and she spent Christmas alone.

Nadia Nakai and AKA were friends long before they became lovers. They both dated other people before fate brought them together as lovers for the first time. AKA had just come out of mourning his girlfriend Nelli Tembe, who allegedly jumped to her death following an altercation.

On her part, Nadia Nakai had come out of her relationship with American rapper Vic Mensa. Their love bloomed pretty fast – so fast, in fact, that some sources claimed that AKA was preparing to propose to her on February 14, exactly four days after his assassination.

Christmas Alone For Nadia Nakai, Still Grieving Aka 1

They, unfortunately, never had that moment. But as the saying goes, life must go on. Nadia Nakai is trying to push ahead alone now. Life must go on.

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