Chymamusique Reveals He Is Getting Married Next Year

Chymamusique reveals plans to get married next year

Chymamusique says he is getting married next year, 2021.

While everyone else is still trying to get through the year, some are already planning for next year. Believe it or not, a lot of people already have plans for the things they want to achieve and Mzansi producer, Chymamusique is one of them.

The talented hit maker recently cleared a Twitter user’s doubts concerning his personal life. Replying the user, he revealed he isn’t married yet but has plans to do so next year. Cool right? We wonder if he has already found the lucky lady, but that’s story for another day.

You should also know that he’s already preparing for what’s coming. The talented muso has spent the lockdown polishing his cooking skills for his future wife. He once revealed that she wouldn’t go hungry with him around. Now, that makes us want to see the woman who will enjoy all this.

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