Cici & Nsipho Render Their Voices In New “Never Enough” Live Performance

Cici and Nsipho lend their voices in new Live performance of “Never Enough” shared on Instagram.

Some people are just vocally blessed, and you can’t beat them. They make you feel things when they sing. It is the most amazing thing. We love the recent rendition of the song, “Never Enough” by popular vocalists, Cici and Nsipho on Instagram.

Both singers deliver a beautiful duet of the song, prompting praise and admiration from their fans. The merging of their vocals is just perfect, and it almost brings tears your eyes. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to shed some while listening to this.

The original version of the song was performed by Loren Allred who was cast as the singing voice of Rebecca Ferguson in the musical film, “The Greatest Show”. The song became quite popular going platinum and inspiring several covers. It also charted on the Hot 100 at number 88.

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