Clip Of Boity & Bonang At Rich Mnisi’s Event Excites Mzansi

Bonang Matheba and Boity Thulo in the same clip is bound to elicit excited reactions from South Africans. Actually, that was what happened recently. The two celebs were attending the 2 million event hosted by the fashion designer RICH MNISI.

At some point, a video of them was taken and shared online. They looked glamorous together, a reality that wasn’t lost on South Africans who saw the video.

In the clip, Bonang could be seen towering above Boity. Lol. But that didn’t make Boity feel out of place. On the contrary, the two actually luxuriated in each other’s company as cameras clicked on and video recorders recorded. You can check out the clip of the glamorous two below.

South Africans who saw the clip praised the two women while noting they looked beautiful – “top tier Tswana women,” according to an adoring fan.

Boity and Bonang are not just beautiful, they are celebrated figures in South Africa’s music and entrepreneurship circuits as well. Boity is a rapper with interest in fashion and perfumes. For her part. Bonang is an entrepreneur and reality show star. She is known to be the brains behind the House of BNG, a brand with wines and other businesses under its umbrella.

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