Clip Of Cyan Boujee Smoking Hookah At The Decks Has Mzansi Questioning Her Skills

One thing about being a celebrity is that people will always have opinions about you, good and bad. And how you react to those opinions is entirely left to you. Oh, well, so how good is Cyan Boujee as a disc jockey?

That question has been flying around for a while now. It gained new resonance after a clip of her set, with her smoking hookah and spinning the decks emerged online. The clip provoked a debate about her skills.

While some tweeps saw nothing wrong with the clip and remarked that she was actually doing a grand job in it, some faulted her and made it clear right there that she lacked the skills of a DJ and looked comic at the decks and turntables.

A Twitter user with the name Man’s Not Barry Roux shared the clip with a laughing emoji on June 26. The battle about her skills erupted in the comment section, with Boujee not showing up there. You can check out the video below.

Boujee has just had her share of fierce public scrutiny. What she makes of this moment is entirely left to her. She isn’t the first to be so scrutinised – nor would she be the last

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