Clip Of DJ Sbu Advertising MoFaya In An Aircraft Divided Mzansi

He calls himself a hustler and does everything to show that he is one. He did that again recently but appeared to have grated the nerves of some people with his action. What really happened to make some South Africans shake their heads at DJ Sbu?

Well, in a clip circulating online the MoFaya boss could be seen hawking the energy drink in an aircraft. He moves from passenger to passenger, showing his MoFaya drink and marketing it before everyone.

When the clip surfaced online, South Africans who saw it were divided. Some praised his entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged him to do whatever to push his brand before the world, so long as he is not breaking the law.

Some were unimpressed by his aeroplane adventure and even claimed that, at this point, he is becoming annoying with his “antics.” To each his opinion, apparently. You can check out the clip below.

A look at the celebrated DJ’s history shows that he doesn’t care much about people’s opinions of him and his brand. He is a “hustler” and will always “hustle” given the opportunity. What he cannot control is the public’s opinion about his actions. Well, here is to more “hustling” years. Lol.

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