Clip Of DJ Sbu’s Daughter Wawa Selling His Energy Drinks Ignites Mzansi

There is a video currently making the rounds online which shows South African disc jockey and producer DJ Sbu’s daughter Wawa receiving instructions from his father on how to sell his Mofaya energy drink.

Some tweeps who saw the clip praised the celebrated DJ and Guinness Word Records holder for showing his daughter the act of hustling while she was still very young – something that would most likely prepare her for the journey ahead.

However, some tweeps feel that she was actually too young to be moving around selling MoFaya energy drinks to guests at a function. To each his opinion, maybe.

One thing is clear, though. The decision to introduce his daughter into the “hustling” life early isn’t surprising because DJ Sbu is all about hustling and teaching others the same. Although he is an accomplished musician and entrepreneur, he still sees himself as a hustler and wears the tag with pride.

Having introduced his daughter into the same orbit, it would be interesting to see what Wawa makes of the lessons from her father.

By the way, DJ Sbu recently made it clear that he is not threatened by the sudden surge in popularity of a competitor energy drink called PRIME.

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