Clip Of Siya Kolisi’s Son Dacing Provokes Father-Son Comparison – Watch

Right now, South Africans are like, “Like father like son.” That’s after South from African rugby ace and captain of the country’s national team, Siya Kolisi. share slides of him and his family, one of which showed his son Nicholas dancing.

South Africans who saw the clip were impressed and made a comparison between the kid’s dancing energy and that of his father, indicating that he had taken it from Siya after all.

While Siya Kosi, who recently got a shoutout from the NBA, is known for his charisma and on-field charms as a rugby player, he is also a good dancer. But, of course, the dancing part of his life is not as reported as rugby.

Anyway, he snagged attention again when he shared the slides mentioned earlier, leaving the public praising his son fo having seemingly inherited his father’s dance energy. With over 60k likes and over 600 comments, it is clear that the post resonated with many South Africans, as you can see below.

While Nicholas may have gotten the dance part of Siya, what many are yet to know is if he will be following his father’s rugby path as well, and what impact he will make if he does.

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