Clip Of Zodwa Wabantu Dancing Half-Undressed Provokes Mixed Reactions

Zodwa Wabantu dancing half-undressed is nothing novel whatsoever because that is actually her life and how she makes a living. But the recent clip of her stripped down and dancing with only a flimsy covering for hw body had some of her compatriots shaking their heads and criticising her.

The clip divided South Africans so sorely that some lashed out at her for getting out of control and not being a good example to other ladies. But her fans were also in the conversation to defend her choices. According to some of them, it is her life and people should not pontificate on how she lives it.

They insist that as long as she does not break the law, she is okay doing as she pleases and those who do not like her or her style should as well stay away or look away and leave her alone.

Zodwa Wabantu herself has said something similar in the past. People who don’t like her style should stay out of her way. She is working and making her living and she would never die poor or broke as some people have wished her.

And true to those words, besides her wild dancing, she has ventured into several other businesses.

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