Clips Of Chris Brown In A Confrotation Backstage Ignite Netizens – Watch

The days of trouble and controversy are certainly not over for American singer and dancer Chris Brown, as he was recently involved in another confrontation just a day after an incident involving fellow musician, Usher.

Details are still sketchy about what exactly went down, but clips of the incident are currently circulating online. It was reported that the confrontation had taken place backstage when Missy Elliot was about to begin her set at an event in Las Vegas last weekend.

The incident comes even as the States was still processing the conflict with Usher a day earlier. Usher appeared unbothered by the whole drama as seen in a clip released about him soon after. You can check it out below.

Chris Brown has a rich history of confrontations with other musicians. So the latest incident did not surprise many of those conversant with his history. His fight with Drake years ago remains fresh in the memory of many tweeps.

It is unclear if the incident in Las Vegas would be the last of such confrontations. But one thing that has never been in doubt is that Breezy is never afraid to stand up for himself even if it would lead to a confrontation.

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