Coachella Organizers Are Asking 2020 Performing Artists To Confirm For Next Year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coachella postponed the event until October. Now, new reports show that they might be looking towards holding the event next year.

Coachella is one of the most celebrated festivals during the spring season. However, the organizers are currently struggling to fix a delayed event together.

Several concerts, festivals, and tours had to be cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Artists have resorted to entertaining their fans on Instagram Live and releasing new music during this period. Popular events like Coachella and SWSX have been planning what steps to take for this year’s season. Coachella had initially revealed that the event will be postponed until later this year. However, as safety is still very paramount and quarantine continues, reports have revealed that the organizers are requesting that artists reconfirm for 2021.

It is no longer news that notable artists such as Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, and Rage Against the Machine were meant to headline the festival this year.

Reports state that the organizers hope to minimize loss as tickets have already been sold. We all know that a cancelled event means that the amount paid out for the festival will be lost and ticket holders will have to receive refunds.

Instead of losing all of these, the organizers of the event hope to roll over the tickets this year to the next. Their job will be much easier if they can keep the same lineup. However, a report claims that some artists that have been listed on this year’s lineup will not be featured in 2021.

According to reports, the widely-acclaimed festival generates over $100 million in sales. This shows why the organizers will try to do anything possible to ensure that they do not lose out.

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