“Come To South Africa” — Mzansi Gets Sarcastic About The State Of The Nation

South Africans appear bent on showing the Rainbow Nation their sarky sides after American rapper Meek Mill talked about an ambitious show he’d like to hold in South Africa, with about five thousand Americans flown in to mix. He said he needed that connection for black Americans to mix with real African people. 

It’s something he can pull off, he said. But of course, this would need the support of the Africans in the country he would love to visit. Mzansi was more than ready to interject about the rapper’s ambitious dream. 

“Come to South Africa,” South Africans were tweeting, and soon enough, the phrase started trending on the country’s Twitter. Interestingly, most of those who used the term actually shared something negative about the country — a reason that would discourage anyone from coming to the Rainbow Nation. 

The conversation soon transcended Meek Mill’s possible coming to South Africa, with some tweeps throwing in narratives about nationals of other African countries coming into South Africa to mess up the country, only to shout about African brotherhood when they’re caught in their mess. You can check out some of the reactions below.

Will anything change in the coming days?

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