Comedian Nochill God Put Cardi B & Nicki Minaj’s Technical Skills To Test In New Viral Video

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It looks like fans of “Megatron” songstress Nicki Minaj and her “WAP” counterpart Cardi B are in for a little comedy as comedian Nochill God has revealed the two apparently struggle with [read as to use] technology.

The comedian has previously created a video skit of himself having a skype meeting with the American superstars, the video which is currently having 1.1 million views on YouTube went viral, this has encouraged the comedian to create another one, this time he used the latest popular video chat technology known as Zoom.

The First Video With Skybe Video:

He shared his Zoom moments with the two, bear in mind that these videos are not real, the talented Instagram sensation has managed to find a way to synchronize conversations from Nicki Minaj and Cardi B  past to match exactly what he wants his video to look like. Clearly, he was unimpressed by the two artistes’ use of technology, and he let his fans know.

All hope isn’t lost, however. Comedian Nochill God has magnanimously said he will not give up on them. So it is safe to say Madam “Megatron” and Madame “WAP” will be having technology lessons from the bod soon – assuming they are not having it already. Can someone please shout “Praise the Lord!”?

Comedian Nochill God shared a clip of his “session” with the two. It was a clip for uproarious comedy. From the looks of it, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were in a jolly mood, having the times of their lives facing the camera.

You just might catch a laughter infection watching Nochill God’s time with the two. That’s the aim of the comedian, anyway. The videos were all created for the fun of it, they are not real.