Comedian, Pete Davidson Recalls Living With Machine Gun Kelly in His Mom’s Basement

SNL star, Pete Davidson recalls living in his mom’s basement with best friend, Machine Gun Kelly at Netflix Is a Joke Fest.

The new comedy festival, Netflix Is A Joke has featured some of the best comedians in America. That includes rave of the moment, SNL star, Pete Davidson whose set featured an appearance by his best pal, Machine Gun Kelly.

Davidson during the Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends act brought MGK out and while introducing him to the audience, spoke about a time when they thought their careers were over. According to him, they had accepted the fact that it was fun while it lasted and had retreated to live in his mom’s basement.

Pete said “We celebrated Christmas together in 2018 and we both looked at each other from across the table. We were at my mom’s house, we were living together at my mom’s house, in her basement. I remember we were looking at each other like, ‘It’s OK, our careers are fucking over it’s fine.’ We had fun it’s all good who would have thought we could do anything, right?‘” Pete is currently the most talked-about comedian in the country, and has debuted his relationship with Kim Kardashian. MGK, on the other hand, is one of Rock’s most recognizable hitmakers right now.

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