Coming 2 America: Zamunda Palace Is Rick Ross’s Real Life Atlanta Mansion

The Georgia home of rapper was adopted as the Zamundan palace in the Coming 2 America movie. Zamunda might be fictional but the location of it isn’t.

The production crew was looking to create scenes similar in scale to those of the original which premiered in June 1988. The crew checked out a couple of palatial homes but could find nothing of the sale they desire.

Rick Ross’s Georgia mansion, with its 12 bedrooms and massive dining area, however, met the specs of the production crew, and they settled for it. The palatial home, which is said to occupy 235 acres of land, previously belonged to the celebrated boxer Evander Holyfield.

has described the original Coming 2 America as his best film of all time. The film has now earned classic status and remains evergreen in the memories of those who loved it.

In fact, the massive appeal of the original – and the demand for a continuation of the film – led to the creation of a new episode, which also has new actors, including Nigeria’s and South Africa’s Nomzamo Mbatha. The movie is currently buzzing across the world.

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