Compared To America’s Lil Baby, Emtee Sees Himself As A Superioe Rapper

South African rapper Emtee is pretty confident in his rap powers, so confident as to see himself as superior to his American counterpart Lil Baby.

The “DIY” chanter isn’t someone you drag into rap tiffs easily, but now and then, he asserts his place in the game – like he has just done.

On social media, as we all know, fans are fond of sharing their thoughts about their faves and whatever they are doing at any time. So it was that one Emtee fan tweeted that Emtee is the South African version of the American. Emtee didn’t take that as a compliment, though. So he wasted no time replying.

Sharing the tweet, Emtee made it clear that he is not the Lil Baby of South Africa. He described himself as better than the America, ultimately implying it is pointless putting them on the same pedestal. His take created a new debate altogether, with some tweeps siding with him and some asking questions. You can check out the tweet below.

Compared To America'S Lil Baby, Emtee Sees Himself As A Superioe Rapper 1

While there might not be a unanimous verdict on Emtee’s take about being a superior rapper to Lil Baby, there is just no denying the role Emtee has played in pushing South African music out there.

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