Concerned ANC Members Want Patrice Motsepe As President

Concerned members of South Africa’s ruling party, African National Congress (ANC), under the aegis of the Unity 2022 Forum, want the mining magnate as president to “save the ANC.”

This collective is of the view that the ANC performed abysmally during the recent municipal elections and is now in opposition in several municipalities.

The group thinks a similar fate awaits the party at the upcoming presidential elections if it should continue with its current crop of leaders, who the people are already weary of.

The ideal candidate that can take the party to new heights, they think, is no other than Patrice Motsepe, who, incidentally, is a brother-in-law to the current president,

While the group wants the mining billionaire to take over, it also noted that it has not formally inform him of its plans.

Motsepe is currently president of the African soccer body, Confederation of African Football (CAF). He’d recently given millions in donation to the party when it emerged that the ANC was cash strapped.

It remains to be seen if he’ll accept the call to be the next president of South Africa. That will most likely rock his relationship with President Ramaphosa, who’s in the race for a second term.

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