Conflicting Autopsy Reports: Zahara’s Family Allegedly Suspecting Foul Play

The last may not have been heard about the death of South African singer Zahara. It’s been over a week since her death, but the circumstances surrounding her death are still being interrogated, with her family currently suspecting foul play.

But why would the family suspect that? Well, according to sources, there have been two autopsy reports and they were conflicting. In other words, while one report suggested one thing, the other report suggested another. Both reports ought to be similar, they believe.

Zahara died on December 11 after spending days at the hospital. At the time, it was claimed that she suffered from liver failure induced by alcoholism. But her family never stated the same thing, instead issuing a statement in which it claimed that the singer complained of bodily pains. Nothing more.

Zahara;’s family believe that the singer may have been poisoned by her enemies, citing conflicting autopsy reports. It is alleged that one of the autopsy reports indicated that she died of “natural cause” while the other states that her cause of death is “under investigation.”

At this moment, it is unclear what is going on and what investigations will unearth in the coming days. But we will be here to bring you the scoop.

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