Connie and Alicia Ferguson Unfollow Shona’s Sister on Instagram

Mzansi actress and producer Connie Ferguson and her daughter Alicia are rumoured to have unfollowed Shona’s sister Meggie on Instagram.

One thing SA loves about Connie Ferguson and her family is how much they have remained drama-free despite being so famous. Connie has kept making Mzansi proud since Shona passed.

They have also successfully kept their family drama away from the public eye. However, a recent report reveals that there may be trouble happening in the Ferguson household. Entertainment commentator Musa Khawula recently drew people’s attention to the fact that Connie and Alicia may be feuding with Shona’s sister Meggie, who was close to them while he was alive.

Khawula wrote, “Connie Ferguson and her daughter Ali Ferguson have both unfollowed Shona Ferguson’s sister Meggie Ferguson on IG. Connie Ferguson and Meggie Ferguson were close when Shona Ferguson was still alive.”

There are rumours that it all has to do with money. Mzansi has shared their thoughts on the news. @BBK29_ replied, “Obviously, the sister demanded shares and money. That’s what makes families fight.” @NombuleloPS pointed something else out, “Shona probably has a child before Ali that Shona’s family knows about. They probably want that child to benefit from Shona’s estate. This was my 2cents opinion”

Connie And Alicia Ferguson Unfollow Shona'S Sister On Instagram 2

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