Connie Ferguson Defines Bond With Late Shona In Goofy Clip (Watch)

Connie Ferguson continues her walk through the streets of memory, sharing a hilarious moment she had with her husband when he was alive.

Shona “Uncle Sho” Ferguson had died from Coronavirus complications in July, totally devastating Connie and her children. Since his passing, though, she, as well as her children, has been trying to rise from the ashes.

For Connie, the Bible has been a refuge. Her children have been a source of strength to her, too. And yes, recalling the fun times she had with Shona has been filling her spirit with positive energy as well.

In a recent post to Instagram, Connie, a mother of two, had shared a clip of herself and her late husband goofing around. As far as she’s concerned, God absolutely loved her and had blessed her with a man she could be totally herself with.

Her comment section was thronged with fans wishing her strength amid her loss while also empathizing how blessed she actually was to have had Shona. Others simply prayed to be just as blessed in their relationships.

By the way, until his sudden death, the late Shona had planned to open a film school in South Africa in collaboration with Connie.

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