Connie Ferguson: “Kings of Joburg” Season 3 In The Works

If you are a big fan of “Kings of Johannesburg” and Coniie Fetuson the actress, it might interest you to know that Ferguson Films are set to release season three of that interesting series.

Confirmation for the next season of the series came from none other than Connie herself – one of the key figures in the making of the series.

The series was live when her husband Shona Ferguson was alive. In death, she is making sure the series continues. The courage to push on despite the tragedy that overcame her years ago has many of her compatriots rooting for her and taking lessons from her style.

While the details aren’t many right now, the fact that Connie has confirmed the third season of the series appears to be enough for a lot of people. They are only just waiting to see what other announcements will be made regarding the series.

Anyway, we are following events keenly and will bring you more details as they drop. For Connie, the next season of the series is another avenue to advertise her acting and creative chops. We can’t wait to see everything come together in the coming days. Stay tuned if you please.    

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