Connie Ferguson Reacts To “Prophet” Claiming She Has Cancer

Ferguson Films boss Connie Ferguson has noted that she was “triggered” after a prophet claimed in a video that she has cancer and should draw close to God.

Prophet Aaron Xhali of the I Am Ministries had issued the warning in a recent video shared on his Twitter timeline.

When he made the post, many South Africans had lashed out at him for reaching to Connie privately with whatever message he supposed had. Some of Connie Ferguson’s fans urged her to ignore the prophet because they would be praying for her and she would be all right.

Reacting to the clip in a tweet yesterday February 8, the mother of 2, without mentioning the name of the prophet or anything relating to him, had stopped the words, “So triggered!” followed by three angry face emojis.

The post has been liked over 800 times, with her fans encouraging her that she’ll be just fine.

According to some fans, it is understandable that she should be triggered by the prophet’s message, for just last year, in July, she had lost her husband Shona Ferguson.

Fondly called Uncle Sho, shared a great bond with Connie until his death from coronavirus complications.

May cancer not locate you, Connie!

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