Connie Ferguson Reacts to the Iconic Slap Scene in “Generations”

Movies come and go, and the impact they make is what makes the audience regurgitate scenes from them long after.

Generations is one South African drama series that not only has a long history but has a strong following as well. And one of those who had distinguished themselves in the series is no other than Connie Ferguson. 

At the moment, she’s no longer part of the series, but at the outset, she had played the role of Karabo Moroka, a lady working in the family business dubbed New Horizons. 

There are many iconic moments from her days on the set of Generations, and fans of the telenovelas have been recalling some of them lately. 

A particularly memorable moment, and one to which has reacted, was when Sonia Mbele slapped Connie. 

Contrary to what many thought, the slap was real in its intensity. Reacting to the scene years later, Connie acknowledged it was severe and wondered where Sonia got it all from. She also clarified that what she wore at the time was her hair and not a wig.

Connie may no longer be a part of the telenovela, but it’s still airing and the audience is still in love with it.

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