Connie Ferguson Sings Shona’s Favourite Hymn To Honour Him

Famous filmmaker and actress Connie Ferguson sang her late husband Shona’s favourite hymn at his tombstone unveiling to honour him.

There is no doubt about how much Connie Ferguson loved her husband. The two really loved and appreciated each other, and that made them one of the favourite celeb couples in the country. They also loved to sing and dance together when Shona was alive.

Even after his death, Connie and their kids have kept up with that tradition. They often share videos of themselves dancing and just being happy. We also love to see videos of Alicia Ferguson dancing on TikTok.

Connie was recently at the tombstone unveiling of her late husband, and she paid tribute to him in a manner he would have appreciated. She said his favourite hymn and shared what he would have said about it.

She said, “And then this happened, I could hear Sho say, “That’s my warf.”

Her family members could be heard shouting support in the background. Her fans were so impressed by what she did that they shared their reactions in the comments. @NkgonoModiehi wrote, “Loving the fact that the unveiling only happened now. That’s our culture.” Another fan noted that he left a long lasting legacy.

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