Connie Ferguson’s “Ageless Beauty” Secrets At 53 Revealed

Twitter Ablaze As Connie Ferguson Shows Off Physique In Gym Video – Watch

One thing many South Africans continue to point out and wonder about is how celebrated actress and filmmaker Connie Ferguson has managed to remain “ageless” despite being 53 years old.

Yes, the Ferguson Films boss looks way younger than her age, which leaves her fans and admirers asking questions about she has managed to look younger, unlike other people of the same age they have seen.

Well, her core fans and those who have been seriously paying attention should easily have an answer to that – she’s a gym nut and a fitness freak who also revels in self-care and eating right. All those, combined, should easily make anyone look way younger than their real age.

But then, nothing beats hearing the “secret” from the horse’s mouth, right? In a post on her official Instagram page, she had given fans an extensive list of what she does to remain “ageless” – as some fans would say. The procedure she gave could simply be summed up in the phrase “self-care.” You can check it out below.

Connie is one of South Africa’s most-loved actresses. She lost her husband,m the actor and filmmaker Shona Ferguson, two years ago. But she has managed to continue the journey of life, holding to optimism