Connie Ferguson’s Fans Shut Down Prophet Who Claimed In A Video She Has Cancer

Prophet Aaron Xhali of the I Am Ministries may not have heard the last from the fans of South African filmmaker Connie Ferguson.

Since he went public, via a video shared on his page, that Connie Ferguson is suffering from cancer, many of Connie’s fans across social media have been firing shots at him, using quotes with his title of “prophet.”

Connie Ferguson had reacted to the video as well, without mentioning the prophet and anything that might link her tweet to him, noting she was “so triggered” by his post

Her fans were just as triggered, and they have been lobbing grenades in his direction via social media since.

According to one of Connie’s fans, dropping those words on social media was nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of the prophet to reach more members. The fan had argued that the said prophet could have reached her privately if he had any message for her.

Another questioned why the prophet should use the #Trending hashtag which wasn’t even trending at the time to send his message. Wasn’t that a cheap attempt to make him trend?

Either way, as some peeps have said, the prophet had done what he had done. May Connie be safe.

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