Connie Ferguson’s Grandson Ronewa Goes Viral As He Prays For Young People – Watch

A kid praying is not something many are familiar with. So when a clip of one importuning the heavens popped online, it was inevitable many would pay attention. That’s what’s just happened with Connie Ferguson’s grandson Ronewa.

Ronewa’s mother Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is Connie Ferguson;’s first child – the first daughter from her first marriage.

Just recently, Lesedi had an interview with media personality Candice Modiselle, and young Ronewa was there with his mum. At some point, while the interview progressed, the kid was asked for some wise words from the interviewer, but Ronewa ended up praying for young people instead.

The clip of him praying went viral near instantly. Many South Africans who watched the clip praised him and some compared him to his late grandfather, Shona Ferguson, who was known to practise his faith publicly. You can check out the clip below.

By the way, Lesedi recently complained about the industry having a standard of beauty and how this has affected her career. She claimed that she had auditioned for roles several times and aced them but wasn’t given the roles anyway because producers were looking for certain visages.

Her verdict amplifies with some other actresses have expressed, and the case actually transcends South Africa.

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