Connie Ferguson’s Workout Session Inspires Mzansi – Watch

Connie Ferguson is known to be a gym freak, consistently serving body goals to an entire nation, If she isn’t on set acting or directing a flick, she is most likely to be found at the gym, working out. Sometimes she shares her workout routine with the public, and South Africans are inspired for the most part.

The latest clip of her at the gym has got South Africans talking – again. Her routine, based on the comments so far, indicated that many were inspired. Connie is already greying but she is as fit and alert as can be – unlike most young people who are not working out.

The current video of her workout routine is currently trending on Mzansi’s social media. In the clip, Connie could be seen at the gym with an unidentified bloke. both of them were using skipping ropes in syn and with such rhythmic ease that one cannot but notice, You can check them out below,

Connie’s love for the gym is in no way surprising. She was, after all, married to a man who was a gym freak himself. Sadly, Shona Ferguson died from COVID-19 complications a while back, leaving Connie and her kids devastated. But life goes on…

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