Conspiracy Theories: AKA Gets Sarky With A Fan Over COVID-19

“Fela In Versace” rapper AKA has revealed his sarcastic side once again – this time over the coronavirus pandemic. The songster has never hidden his opinions about the virus since its onset in South Africa.

Previously, he had wondered how an asymptomatic person could ever transmit the virus to another person. He loudly expressed his doubts, leading to a wave of mixed reactions from Twitter users, some of them sarcastic and contemptuous, some of them educating.

Just recently, AKA aired his views about people going to church during level 3 lockdown in South Africa. A fan had asked him outright to shut up and stop spreading conspiracy theories. AKA hit back sarcastically, stating there is no reason whatsoever for Africans to distrust the western world, for they have never let Africa down.

By the way, last year, AKA had claimed to have contracted the coronavirus. About two weeks later, he had claimed to have recovered. He is one of several celebs who claimed to have had a coronavirus scare. Others include Cassper Nyovest and K.O.

Well, do you think AKA is a conspiracy theorist as some have claimed? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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