Controversy Erupts Between Chicco Twala & Bongani Fassie Over Brenda Fassie Doccie — Peeps React

Controversy is currently brewing between veteran music producer Chicco Twala and Bongani Fassie, the only son of the late singer Brenda Fassie. 

Chicco allegedly knows the right to Brenda’s masters and is gearing to release a documentary about the late icon via Netflix. 

Ordinary, this should have been a cause for Cele ration, as fans get to see the late singer in New light. However, South Africans are. United against the doccie, as they think that the late singer’s family doesn’t stand to benefit financially from the deal. 

At the moment, South Africans are encouraging whoever would listen not to watch the documentary as the late singer’s immediate family doesn’t stand to benefit from it. Also, they affirmed they’d only watch a doccie from the point of view of the son and not Twala. 

Reacting to the whole controversy, Bongani made it clear that Chicco doesn’t own Brenda, nor does he own her family. 

The case is headed to the courts and South Africans are watching closely. 

A musician himself, Bongani was thought of in the beginning as a continuation of his mother’s legacy. However, things haven’t turned out that way. The songster is yet to attain the heights his mother did.

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