Convicted Felon Thabo Bester Reportedly Ran A Glitzy Media Company From Prison

His is an example of what many would rather call the stuff of legend. Seemingly stuck in the slammer for murder and rape, he was still able to create a glamorous media company from there, deceiving many along the way. That’s the story of Thabo Bester.

He created 21st Century Media, which was made to look like a subsidiary of the iconic film company 21st Century Fox. In reality, what he actually created is a scam event and production company with no link whatsoever to the company from which it stole its name.

The scam company was officially launched at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton n 2018 and had several notable figures in attendance, from the country’s movie universe down to film. Among those who had shown up for the launch were Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Amanda Du-Pont.

Those in attendance were told that the chairperson of the event, one “Tom Motsepe,” would call in from New York. Unknown to the attendees, “Tom Motsepe” was no other than the convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester. He was serving a life sentence at the time in a maximum security prison operated by G4S.

The convict had reportedly faked his death in a cell fire and escaped in May last year. Out of the prison walls, he has allegedly continued in his scams and attempts to nab him again have not been successful.

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