Convicted Kwaito Star Brickz Hopeful Of Freedom Despite Parole Denial

He was sent to the slammer for rape, ruining a music career spanning years. What hope for Kwaito str Sipho Ndlovu (long famous as Brickz) at this point?

The songster was accused of sexual assault of his niece and ultimately convicted of the same crime. But he is adamant he is innocent of the allegations against him.

His claims of innocence did not stop the court from tossing him into the slammer, however. He insisted on his innocence to this day. A recent report indicated he is hoping for parole or special remission. He was denied both on the grounds that he didn’t qualify.

That hasn’t changed much from his end, as he continues to insist that he didn’t commit the crime for which he was convicted. As a result, some of his compatriots are pushing the narrative that he should remain in jail because he “wasn’t remorseful.”

It is unclear how long the case would drag and if and when Brickz would get out. But one thing is clear, at least: He is insisting on his innocence as that would give him a semblance of dignity when he eventually gets out. Time will tell, and we’ll be here to share more details with you.

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