Convicted Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Might Be Released “Soon”

The infamous prisoner awaits. There has been news that Oscar Pistorius would be released “soon” dating back to last year, but the infamous prisoner, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend, is still behind bars.

Pistorius, a Paralympian, had shot his girlfriend multiple times through the door of the bathroom in his apartment. He claimed that he thought it was an intruder, but the claim was dismissed as patently untrue because he was hearing her scream from the bathroom while he emptied his gun.

Even in his conviction, he had reportedly failed to admit that he killed her deliberately and sought forgiveness, It has been reported that one of the key things Reevea’s family wanted from him was an admission of what he had done and an apology. The admission never came.

Anyway, despite the opposition to Oscar Pistorius’s release, it appears like the convict would be out of the slammer sooner than many expect. According to multiple sources, a committee will be meeting tomorrow, Friday, to decide on possible parole for Pistorius, who has served half his sentence.

There is, however, strong opposition to him getting released. As far as some interests are concerned, he should rot in jail for murdering his then-girlfriend. But Will he?

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