Coronavirus: Emtee Nervous For Son As School Resumes

Coronavirus literally brought the world to its knees and some people now joke that the fear of coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom.

Actually there is nothing jocular about this, as coronavirus is pretty serious a viral infection. Thus, governments have been creating massive awareness about the virus to limit its spread and bring life back to normalcy.

Following the outbreak of the virus, many countries across the world locked down, South Africa among them. But now countries are opening up. And so, by the way, are the wells of anxiety in some people – anxiety for themselves, their loved ones and children.

South African trapper Emtee is pretty anxious for his kids as the South African government has lifted the lockdown restrictions and schools are opening.

In a recent tweet, Emtee, who recently assisted the Malawian singer Gwamba on the single “Own Time,” makes it clear he is nervous as his son resume school.

Check out the former Ambitiouz Entertainment star’s post below and let us know what you think, in the comment section.

By the way, make sure to follow health guidelines stipulated by local health authorities, as it is now obvious the world will live with the coronavirus for sometime. Be safe, peeps.

Anusie John

John is a linguistic hedonist whose other pastime, besides writing, is reading up on politics and holding leaders to account. He believes Nigeria can be better and is working behind the scenes to actualize that.

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