Coronavirus Has Pushed Kelly Khumalo To Cancels Album Release & Reality Show

Kelly Khumalo reveals she had to postpone plans of releasing her album and debuting her reality show.

Due to the pandemic situation, a lot of artists had to put their various plans on hold. Among those affected is Kelly Khumalo, as she had to cancel releasing her album and reality show titled “Life With Kelly”

Kelly Khumalo is one celebrity who has been like an open book during the lockdown, as she gave fans a view into how she was surviving the lockdown and even went as far as having a breakdown.

While speaking at the Afternoon express show, she revealed Coronavirus disrupted all her major plans. Kelly revealed that she had just launched her “Controversy” gin and was trying to debut her reality show to promote it, but all that had to be put on hold.

In other news Kelly Khumalo recently addressed the issue of the public divorce between her blood sister and her, revealing the matter had gone legal.