Corruption Case At Eskom: André De Ruyter Declines To Name Minister


The drama isn’t over d’Or dormer Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter despite having quit the top job a while back. He refuses to name the minister he claimed has asked him to “allow people to eat.”

That’s another way of saying he should overlook the corruption at the state-owned energy utility, which has been embattled on many fronts.

Eskom has been in the spotlight for a long time given the load-shedding crisis that South Africa is currently experiencing. And it was actually one of the reasons Andre de Ruyter was pressurised by many, including Gwede Mantashe, to step down as CEO.

Ironically, the issue has still not been solved and the case about De Ruyter’s claim of corruption at Eskom is still open.

Although he has been enjoined several times to give details about his corruption claims and name the minister who told him to look the other way Amid the corruption at Eskom, he has refused to do that, leading to claims that he isn’t serious whatsoever.

The standing committee on public accounts (SCOPA) wanted De Ruyter to name the minister but remains frustrated as he would not speak on the subject. But for how long? Time will tell.

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