Costa Titch & AKA Tease New Collabo

Over a week ago, Costa Titch had shared a clip of him rocking a new number and urged AKA to hop on it.

In the comment section of that post, which Costa Titch made on Instagram, AKA had written that he was in for the number. The excitement his affirmation elicited among his fans was best imagined.

Apparently AKA and Costa Titch are keen fans should get something from them soon and have released a teaser which, by the way, isn’t bad on the ears.

The two rappers are no strangers in South Africa’s collaborative orbit, having worked together previously. Costa Titch had tapped AKA for the remix of “Nkalakatha,” which also have Cotton fest  pioneer Riky rick as guest.

The song was a hit with fans and amplified Costa Titch’s voice as one of the musicians to watch out for in South Africa.

Would another formal release from the two best their previous collaboration? We can’t tell, but then, as the leading South African music entertainment blog, we’re going to bring you whatever the two might drop.

What do you think, though? You may want to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below. Do.

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