Costa Titch Now Converse Ambassador

Costa Titch signs new deal with Converse

Costa Titch joins the Converse family as a new ambassador.

Yes, it surely is Costa Titch’s year to shine. We all can’t deny the fact that he’s been consistently working hard and seeing the results of his hardwork. All year, we have watched him share one good news after the other.

His “Nkalakatha Remix” continues to rake in massive streams across various streaming platforms. He also previously shared Behind-the-scenes footage from his GQ magazine feature which looked like a lot of fun. Now, he’s been announced as the recent celeb to join the Converse family.

That’s a suiting endorsement for his brand and we are so happy for him. First, it was Axe, now it’s Converse. Costa keeps winning. He also recently featured on his official DJ, Champuru Makhenzo’s debut song “Madibuseng” alongside K-Zaka and Robot Boii. The song has already been getting a lot of love from his fans.

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