Costa Titch Premieres Thembi Music Video With Boity This Thursday

The wait for “Thembi,” Costa Titch’s collaborative single with continues. But it wouldn’t be a boring wait as the songster has shared clips from the making of the music video.

The music video would have been released much earlier, but the coronavirus pandemic intruded, forcing radical changes in plans. Now the video is on its way.

On Sunday 20 September, Costa Titch took to Twitter, announcing the video will be out this Thursday – as in 24 September 2020. That’s exactly three days from now. He shared behind-the-scenes images of the shoot. You can check out his tweet below.

Are y’all ready for what is to come? Well, we are, and we can’t wait to share with you.

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By the way, although the music video for “Thembi” was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Costa Titch managed to release a song title “Ekse” within the same period. He is one of the guests on J Molley’s imminent “All Is fair In Love And War” mixtape.

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