Costa Titch’s Akon-featuring “Big Flexa Remix” Got 1 Million Youtube Views

Mzansi star Costa Titch’s new “Big Flexa” remix featuring Akon hits 1 million views on YouTube.

There is no denying the fact that Costa Titch is winning. The SA star seamlessly transitioned into being a Piano star, and the rewards have been massive. Costa currently holds the record for the most viewed Mzansi Piano song on YouTube.

He is still adding to that success. Three weeks ago, he dropped a new “Big Flexa” remix with Akon, Alfa Kat, and MaGang. He performed the jam with the Senegalese star at Cotton Fest before it was released. Akon had previously cosigned the star saying in an interview,

“Man, there’s a brand new artist out of Africa, his name is Costa Titch. Check him out. That kid is a problem, he’s gonna change the game. He’s gonna be a game changer.” They also announced a partnership between Titch Gang Records and Konvict Kulture. The “Big Flexa Remix” video has garnered 1 million views on YouTube.

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