Costa Titch’s Mother Lara Langveld Suspects Foul Play In Her Son’s Death

Costa Titch: Late Rapper’s Mom Wants The National Health Laboratory Services To Release Son’s Toxicology Report

It is never the wish of any good mother to be the one to bury their children. But life happens and mothers find themselves facing their worst nightmare. It is especially bad when death appears unnatural or there are unanswered questions regarding it.

This is the situation Costa Titch’s mother is facing right now. Her son died months after on stage while performing at a show in Johannesburg. He simply collapsed and died. It was alleged at the time that the stage lights may have provoked or worsened his epilepsy leading to his collapse on stage.

This was never medically confirmed.

Costa Titch’s mother Lara Langveld has been fighting to get answers regarding her son’s death ever since. And now, she is beginning to suspect foul play, beginning to think someone deliberately hurt her son.

According to her, his son never suffered from epilepsy and never had a seizure. She would want to know who told the media that he suffered from epilepsy and had a seizure. She noted that he is waiting for her late son’s toxicology report

By her estimation, she should have gotten the report a long time ago. And she cannot perform a private toxicology report because her son’s body has been cremated.