Court Rules Bill Cosby Is Guilty Of Sexual Assault

In what must have been a moment of personal anguish, Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenager in 1975.

Judy Huth was awarded $500k in damages in a ruling that her lawyer hailed as “real change” in a case that has dragged in for years.

Huth herself was “elated” about the verdict. Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, she noted that it’d been many years and, therefore, many tears. The ruling was a long time coming, but she’s grateful for it.

In her suit against Bill Cosby, Huth, now 64, claimed that Cosby had lured her and a friend to a mansion a few days after meeting them at the park. Cosby, she claimed, had taken her alone to the bedroom, where he removed his sweatpants, grabbed her hand and used it to masturbate.

In other words, he forced her into a sexual act when she was still 16.

Speaking about the verdict, Huth’s attorney Gloria Allred noted that her client won real change because she fought the actor and comedian one step at a time for almost a decade. It may have taken time, but she won what she fought for.

The verdict followed almost three days of deliberations. Cosby’s team appeared okay with the judgment since it came with punitive damages.

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