COVID-19: Gigi Lamayne Gets Vaccinated (Video)

“Job Woods” rapper is officially vaccinated and she’s keen the world should know.

In a recent tweet, she had shared a video of herself taking the jab. “Vaccinated” and a “done” emoji accompanied the tweet. It was like every other tweet from her, except that this one communicated at least two messages.

The first is that it is okay to take the jab, and the second is an encouragement for others to get vaccinated as well. If I have no fears taking getting vaccinated, then y’all should have no fears as well.

The coronavirus vaccine has elicited mixed reactions, not just in South but from around the world. While some people have hailed the vaccine and hurriedly gotten vaccinated, others are weaving conspiracy theories around it and discouraging people from getting vaccinated.

By the way, South African recently experienced a coronavirus vaccine shortage, leading Afrotainment boss to call on the government to explore ways to get the vaccine to South Africa, including speaking with the Chinese and Russian governments and not being dependent on the West.

By the way, unlike Gigi Lamayne, some entertainers have made it clear they’re uninterested in the vaccine. One such entertainer is AKA.

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