COVID-19: Will Idols SA Continue?

It looks like bad news is in the air for Idols SA lovers, as news making the rounds is that the programme, which has captured the attention of millions in South Africa and beyond, might be discontinued.

Aghast? Well, you are not alone. It appears the coronavirus pandemic is forcing a rethink of the programme. As you well know, the auditions have been done and the top 16 contenders ought to have been picked by now.

But that has not been done. Instead, a source said, the programme coordinators, the producers and the guys at M-Net, have been having back to back meetings. It is said the competition has not aired following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic because those involved are having a hard time coming up with alternative plans.

By the way, Irvin Pooe, who handles the PR for the show, has neither confirmed nor denied this. It remains to be seen if the manages to brush off initial hiccups or discontinues. We hope it continues, it having given a solid platform to young talents in the Rainbow Nation

What do you make of the news Idols SA might be discontinued? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

John Israel A

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